New Progress Report

Updates on how the rebuild is going. Hopefully, we won't have to be here long.
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New Progress Report

Postby admin » Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:45 am

We're making more progress,but it's slower than all of us would like. I have a basic installation done (YAY), but there are lots of niggling things to fix before I can start to migrate over usernames and logins. There are bits and pieces of the dreamwidth code itself that I have to tweak, to make everything work with the newest Apache distribution that runs on this new server. The differences between the two Apache versions are significant, and it's not possible to run the older one on our operating system. So I'm just attacking each tweak as I find it, and things are slowly but surely coming together, with the installation gaining more of its functions with each fix. So we'll definitely get there. Fingers crossed that it's soon!

I'll update again soon.


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