Both bad & good news

Updates on how the rebuild is going. Hopefully, we won't have to be here long.
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Both bad & good news

Postby admin » Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:07 pm

The bad news is we have another delay because I have to have the server re-deployed. As I was working on the install, I realized the data center had deployed the wrong server. We're wanting a cloud server that has scalable resources, and they gave us a standalone server. So I have to have it re-deployed with the requested specifications as a cloud server.

The good news is that I didn't encounter anything significant along the way in terms of hurdles, and so once I have my hands on the right server, I expect it to continue going well getting the base install done. I got so much further, and faster, than with any of the old LJ codebase reinstallations we've had to do over the years. So that is a really good sign.

So, it's a delay, but it isn't one that is particularly ominous for the long term. It's just a huge inconvenience for everyone.

But, we'll get there.

Thanks again, everyone!

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